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by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on June 22, 2012

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I am writing two books – one for men and one for women – one chapter at a time. I am sending these chapters as email tips to the people who subscribe to them.

Here’s what the men got this week: 25 Tips on How to Get a Woman to Like You, Love You and Want You

Tip #3: What makes a man sexy to women, part 1

Do you know what makes a man sexy to women? I’ll bet it’s not what you think!

For women, men’s looks are important, but they are not primarily what women respond to. Topping most women’s “sexy in a man” lists are “power” and “emotional resilience.” If you were to ask a woman what she finds attractive in a man, these may not be what she would normally list.

However, these are the traits most women readily respond to. If a woman is interacting with a man whom she finds powerful and emotionally resilient, she will feel attracted to him.

Exactly what I mean by power is defined below, and emotional resilience is defined in tip #4.

So what is this power that women find so attractive?… Want to read the rest of this tip? Go here to sign up for the tips, and I will send this one out to you on Sunday evening.

Women have not received their tip yet this week, and that too will go out Sunday night. Here’s a preview of what’s coming: 25 Things Women Don’t Know About Themselves and Their Relationships with Men

Tip #3: What to do when a man pulls back

Every woman has experienced that moment in dating or relationship when a man pulls back, emotionally, verbally or physically. And no woman likes that experience!

Women’s responses to men pulling back range from getting angry at them, chewing them out, to chasing and begging them to come back.

But, most of the things that women do when men pull back are damaging to the relationship and to the woman’s self-esteem. It may look like the things a woman does to bring the man back into the relationship work, but typically these only work short-term. The man eventually pulls back again or even leaves the relationship.

It may even seem that this is the nature of relationships, that men naturally pull back and need women to bring them back into the relationship. But this is not the case.

Men do naturally pull back in relationships at certain times. But… Want to read the rest of this tip? Go here to get the tips, and I will send this tip out to you on Sunday evening.

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