Deliberately Improve Your Relationship

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on January 5, 2012

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MEN and WOMEN in RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE: What is your intention for your relationship in 2012? What, you don’t have an intention?

Relationships work best when the people in them deliberately improve on the relationship. Improvement could be as simple as “Let’s have more fun together” or “Let’s spend more quality time together”. The key is to come up with something you both want to improve and then put in place a plan for how you will both make it happen.

So what do you want to improve in your relationship, and what’s the plan for making it happen? Tell me, and I may choose you for a complimentary session to help you come up with more ways to get what you want in your relationship.

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Carlo January 5, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Sometimes we have to work on things separately. The urge to help the other can be very strong, yet we have to walk our own path sometime. My fiancee left a week ago, and I have not seen her face or heard her voice since. It’s only email and text. Others tell me, “Let her go.” She left to get counseling, and has many deep, unresolved issues, and is working on them. How can you let go of the woman you love when she is trying to work things out? I have to let her go, do what she needs, and resist the feelings of abandonment. She had been promising therapy for almost a year, and finally left me to get it, and I thought at first, “Did she really have to physically leave?” I see now why she did. I feel stronger being able to stand tall for the woman I love, and it’s not hurting as much as I thought. I miss her around our place, it’s not easy sometimes. Yet I am moving forward. I feel stronger for hanging in there for her, despite all yhe naysaying. I have no idea if we will remain together, but she is trying, and I will wait and see. I will grow from it.


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