Mom’s Relationship Advice

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on May 10, 2014

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Mother and DaughterMy son asks me for relationship advice sometimes. At times I give him advice even when he does not ask, because that’s what moms do!

In honor of mother’s day I am passing onto to you the advice I give him most often. I believe the things I mention below are Keys to improving all relationships.

1. Be kind, or at least respectful, when you are angry

Relationships are fragile because hearts are fragile. Words said in anger are usually not words that you mean, but they hurt anyway. Hold your tongue if need be, rather than creating pain for the person you love.

2. Assume good intentions

No matter what happens in a relationship, assume it’s happening out of love. You may have to really dig for the love behind the action or words, but it’s there, like a treasure, waiting to be found.

3. Make time for the person you love

No quality time together means no quality relationship. Doing separate things side by side is not spending quality time together. Quality time involves attention on each other, listening, talking and sharing a connection.

4. Get off that screen

Text, e-mail, IM, facebooking, instagram, facetime, skype, whatever. None of this will do for your relationship what real face to face, person to person time will do.

5. Compliments and appreciation go a long way

What’s great about the person you love? Tell them and then tell them again and again. Then find more great things about them and tell them about those. They will like themselves more when they are with you and will like you more too.

Bonus advice: Be nice to your mom on Mothers day, tell her you love her and that you are grateful for all she’s done for you!

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