Experience Coaching: Get Clarity Dating or Relationship Coaching Session

Do you feel…

  • Frustrated at being single?
  • Tired of dating the wrong people?
  • Frustrated with lack of connection and/or passion in your relationship or marriage?
  • Overwhelmed by breakup or divorce?

Get a jump-start on creating  THE relationship you want in a Get Clarity Coaching Session

In the 30-minute Get Clarity Coaching Session you will:

  • Work on the issue that is your biggest stuck point, or is bothering you the most.
  • Experience a POSITIVE shift!
  • Experience a combination of information, perspective and suggestions to help you make the changes you want.
  • Your dating or relationship experiences will change FOR THE BETTER!

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Format: 30-minute meeting over the phone, Skype video call, or at my office (all are equally effective!)
Date/Time: Scheduled at our mutual convenience
Ideal for:

  • Single man or woman who’s tired of being single.
  • Man or woman wanting to improve dating experiences.
  • Man or woman in a new or long-term relationship or marriage that is stuck in conflict, lacking passion or in trouble.
  • Man or woman struggling with moving on and letting go of a past relationship partner.

**Note: The Get Clarity Session is one-time special offer to experience coaching for first time clients at an introductory rate.

What happens at the end of the Get Clarity Coaching Session:

The Get Clarity Session can be a one-time experience of coaching.

Or it can be beginning of an accelerated, positive relationship growth phase for you, where you work with me as your coach in a structured coaching program. Please ask me about the coaching program at the end of your Get Clarity Coaching Session.

To experience being coached and see how I can help in your dating,  relationship, break-up or divorce situation, click on the Get Started NOW button above.

I look forward to meeting you on the phone, skype or in person and helping you get more love and joy in your life!

From the Heart,