How Much Frustration is Normal in a Relationship?

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on December 29, 2011

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MEN and WOMEN in RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE: Your relationship or marriage is ok. The two of you are committed to each other. But are you happy? Are you satisfied? When you think about your relationship or marriage, your partner, your spouse, do you smile? Or do you feel a tinge of frustration or disappointment?

Many men and women believe that relationships are hard and disappointment and dissatisfaction are par for the course. And this is true to a certain extent. But it is not supposed to be as hard or as disappointing as you think!

Will you make 2012 more satisfying and less disappointing for each other, and for yourself, in your relationship? If so, tell me how.

Do you know how to do this, how to create more satisfaction for yourself and for each other? If not, I can help you understand how in a special 30 minute Get Clarity Session.

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