ProblemSolver Coaching Session

You can get help with your love life situationDo you want advice and help on your relationship or dating situation? Do you want to quickly find relief for one of the following dilemmas?

  • Stop being single and attract love
  • Understand the rules of dating and what to do with men/women
  • Attract more available partners
  • Take your relationship to the next level
  • Bring back your distant or reluctant partner
  • Improve your long-term relationship or marriage
  • Stop hurtful behavior from your partner/spouse
  • Let go of a relationship that is over
  • Tame your emotions about a dating, relationship or breakup situation
  • Solve other love/singles/dating/relationship/marriage/breakup question, problem, or issue?

The ProblemSolver Coaching Session has been specifically designed to help you resolve your most pressing love/singles/dating/relationship/marriage/breakup concern or problem. Think of it as emergency services for your dating or relationship life. The best time to have a ProblemSolver Coaching Session is when you find you don’t know what to do about the situation you are in and you feel the need to resolve it. In this Coaching session I will work with you to resolve your problem or issue(s), so that you can have peace, clarity and know what you need to do next.

To be fair, many Singles and Relationship issues will take much longer than one session to resolve completely. However, even in these cases, the ProblemSolver Coaching Session will give you significant relief from the discomfort of your situation.

ProblemSolver Coaching Session Details:

  • ProblemSolver Session is conducted over the telephone, with me calling you.
  • Session lasts one hour and costs $150 (I offer  occasional discounts. Sign up for my newsletter to get discount updates.)
  • If you wish, session can be recorded for you.
  • After your registration and prior to your session, email me detailed information about your situation – the more, the better.
  • I will call you at your session time to get right to work on solving the problem that is causing you aggravation/pain/frustration/fear/etc.
  • Click on the Get Started NOW button below to register for your session.


Get Started Now

Format: One private 1-hour meeting by phone
Fees: $150
Date/Time: Your private meeting will be scheduled at our mutual convenience  on the post-registration page.
Ideal for: Man or woman who wants their single, dating, relationship, marriage or breakup concern to begin to be resolved right now, who’s ready to take steps to understand and change their situation.

What you will receive: Focused, on point coaching on your issue/problem/situation. You will walk away understanding what drives your situation, what your choices or options are and what you need to do next. You will also gain insights and experience shifts that will start to alter your relationships.

Can this meeting be recorded? The phone meeting can be recorded at your request. The recording can then be sent to you in an MP3 file.

What you get: A private 1-hour coaching session with my full attention and expertise; an audio recording of the session if you wish ; a follow-up email with a link to the audio of your session; other resources as needed/requested.

Questions, hesitations, problems, thoughts? Contact me so that I can help you decide if a ProblemSolver™ Coaching Session is for you.

P.S. I am looking forward to helping you solve your most pressing single, dating, relationship, marriage or breakup concern so that you can experience more of what you want from life and love!