MEN: 4 Tips for Happy Thanksgiving

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on November 24, 2011

in Men's Tips

MEN:  Here’s 4 tips to make your Thanksgiving happy!

1. Want major bonus points from the women in your life? Go help in the kitchen, and get the rest of the guys to do it too!

2. Dig deep for what you are grateful for and invite others to do it with you. The more you can verbalize your gratitude, the happier you will feel.

3. If the women around you are stressed, ask them if you can give them a shoulder massage – touch reduces stress. And if you are stressed, ask for a shoulder massage yourself.

4. And do not be alone! If you don’t already have plans, get invited to someone’s house, go volunteer at a shelter, or hop on and find something to do.

How are you doing this Thanksgiving? Share in the comments below.

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