How should you act in a relationship?

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on March 26, 2012

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MEN’s GET RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT COACHING TIP: Many men (and women) believe that we should do what comes to us naturally in relationships. We don’t do what comes to us naturally in our jobs. We work very hard to not to do what comes to us naturally in our diet, exercise, and spending habits.

Why then in relationships, the one area of life with huge impact on our happiness or misery, do we think we should do what comes to us naturally? The alternative? It’s certainly not lying, pretending or playing games. What do you think it is?

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Evangelist April 1, 2012 at 9:17 am

My coach, i am into youth ministry, coming in contact with your website has served as encouragement to my ministry. How i wish we can see or talk over the phone so that i can comfortably unfold the miracles your work is doing in Nigeria.

Mike McLendon March 30, 2012 at 10:31 am

Ms. Paries,

I am not sure about relationships at age 45. To be honest, the baggage people bring into relationships at 40 and above is just too much. My views on women are those of respect, honor and treating them like a lady. That behavior is oftentimes not appreciated by women I’ve dated. Moreover, I too have some baggage so it just seems too overwhelming at this point in life. I have given up on the dream of a wife and children. It is just too late for me. However, I do warn people younger than myself not to make the same mistakes. Your decisions today certainly affect the future.

Mike McLendon
Nashville, Tennessee

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