5 Ways to Keep the Love in Your Relationship

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on May 4, 2015

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Make it LastDo you love your partner and want to ensure your relationship makes it? Have you been burned in the past, and fear future heartache?

Enjoying a happy, life-long relationship grounded in good feelings isn’t dependent on luck, magic, or meeting the right person. It’s about having the skill set necessary to face the challenges that come up so you grow closer together, and knowing what to do to maintain and promote good feelings between you.

Every good relationship is going to face challenges. Knowing how to respond to them makes all the difference in outcome. These articles teach you what to do so the connection, love, and good feelings in your relationship build strong roots that can last a lifetime.

1. How to Peacefully Resolve Conflict in Your Relationship
The secret to maintaining good feelings when dealing with issues in your relationship.

2. Four Hidden Secrets to a Happy Relationship
The four things to do to build and maintain happiness in your relationship.

3. How to Avoid a Common – and Destructive – Pattern in Relationships
What not to do so your relationship works.

4. Relationship Happiness Depends on Your Mindset
The most important thing to know for a happy, healthy relationship.

5. 5 Easy Ways to Feel Closer to Your Partner
How and when to connect with your partner, and why it’s so important for a lasting relationship.

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