Gift Certificate for the Get Clarity Coaching Session

Give your family member, friend or child the gift of dating or relationship clarity this Holiday Season!

Give someone you care about the gift of true insight into their relationship situation, what to do about it, and how to create THE relationship they want in the Get Clarity Coaching Session.

Does he or she feel:

  • Discouraged because of not meeting the right partner?
  • Frustrated with lack of connection in a relationship or marriage?
  • Unsure how to save a relationship or marriage?
  • Trying to put a relationship back together again?
  •  Suffering from the pain of breakup or divorce?

Do you give him or her good advice, that seemingly falls on deaf ears? Or maybe you refrain from giving advice but wish there was something you could do to make things better for him or her? You can do something positive and loving when you give the gift of a Get Clarity Coaching Session!

Get the Gift Certificate

When you purchase the Get Clarity Coaching Session for your gift recipient you will:

  • Get a gift certificate to personalize, print or email to your person in PDF
  • Get instructions on how they can redeem their gift certificate
  • Get instructions on what to say to get them to redeem their gift certificate and have the session

Your gift recipient will get:

  • 30-minute meeting with Coach Rinatta Paries over the phone, Skype video call, or in person (all are equally effective!)
  • Scheduled at their convenience
  • Coaching to work through the issue that is bothering him or her the most, the biggest stuck point.
  • Information, perspective, suggestions and a plan to help make desired changes.
  • They will experience a POSITIVE PERMANENT shift in the way they feel about dating or relationship!

Cost: $49
Great for:

  • Single man or woman who’s tired of not meeting the right partner.
  • Man or woman wanting to improve a new or long-term relationship or marriage.
  • Man or woman trying to save a long-term relationship or marriage.
  • Man or woman recovering from breakup or divorce.

Get the Gift Certificate


  • If your gift recipient chooses not to use their gift certificate within 6 months, you can use it yourself or re-gift it to someone else.
  • Questions about the gift certificate and if it’s right for your recipient? Contact Coach Rinatta Paries.
  • Want to Get Clarity Coaching Session for yourself? Go here.

Happy Holidays!

P. S. Click the Get Gift Certificate button above to give the gift of dating or relationship clarity! They will thank you for it!