Get Results Couple’s Coaching Program

Are you in long-term relationship or marriage, struggling in your relationship? Or, are you in long-term relationship or marriage that’s improving and you want to make sure the improvements stick and keep going?

Are any of these crisis happening in your relationship:

  • Something has changed for the worst in the relationship?
  • Feeling stuck in a bad pattern?
  • Feeling that your relationship is on the brink of divorce or a breakup?
  • Having worked on yourself and/or your relationship you see no relationship improvement?
  • You love your partner, but the relationship hurts and you don’t know how to change it?
  • Need a concrete plan for either getting out or creating a relationship turnaround?
  • Want to save your relationship or save your marriage, but don’t know what to do?

Or, are any of these concerns happening in your relationship:

  • You want concrete, workable steps to improve your relationship situation?
  • Your relationship is getting better, but you wonder if things will keep getting better?
  • There are many things you want from your partner and want to ensure you get them
  • You two would like to feel closer, but something seems to be in the way of closeness
  • The two of you want more understanding from each other

Get Results Couple’s Coaching Program can help!

The Get Results Couple’s Coaching Program will:

  • Help your relationship become everything you have been wanting it to be
  • Help both of you become kind and compassionate towards one another
  • Help both of you understand each other
  • Help stop the complaints in the relationship
  • Help both of you to feel in love and exited about each other
  • Help both of you heal wounds you have inflicted on each other
  • If the two of you have children, your children will benefit from your healthier relationship
  • Because your relationship or marriage will start to work well, the rest of life will work better
  • And much more!

The Get Results Couple’s Coaching program promise: If you each invest yourself in your personal growth, relationship growth and coaching, I guarantee that your relationship will become everything you have always wanted it to be and much more!

The Get Results Couple’s Coaching program is best for couples who want to make sure to stay together to become joyfully happy, in love and exited about each other!

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The details of the Get Results Couple’s Coaching program

  • I meet with couples twice a month, over the phone, skype, or in my office in Portland, Oregon.
  • I offer the option of 1 hour sessions or 90 minute sessions.
    ~ For couples who are struggling with a large set of issues, the 90 minute sessions are often the only option to make the positive relationship change possible.
    ~ For couples with a limited set of issues, one hour coaching sessions are often ideal.
  • All clients get unlimited email or text support in between coaching sessions in case they run into issues or situations where they need help.
  • I ask couples to make a  commitment to personal work daily and a commitment to relationship work daily. The specifics of that work will be defined in coaching sessions, between all three of us, together.
  • I ask couples to stay in coaching for a minimum of 3 months in order to see the positive results they are looking for.


  • The monthly coaching fee for the 1-hour, 2-session a month package is $260
  • The monthly coaching feel for the 1 1/2- hour (90-minute), 2-session package is $350



Curious about the Get Results Couple’s Coaching program and if it’s the right kind of relationship help for you?

The Get Results Couple’s Coaching program begins with Get Clarity Couples Coaching Session, designed to give the two of you immediate relationship help, relief, increased closeness, insight and relationship growth, and to allow the two of you and myself to evaluate your relationship goals and to see how we can work together.

If you would like my help with your relationship, contact me to discuss how I can help you or get started with the Get Clarity Couples Coaching Session.

P.S. If you are in a relationship where your partner is not interested in participating in couple’s work, you can still help your relationship on your own. Start with a Get Clarity Coaching Session and let’s see how we can help your relationship.