Get Results 1:1 Coaching Program

Are you tired of being dissatisfied with your relationship life?

  • SINGLES – Tired of not finding the right mate?
  • DATING – Tired of dating relationships that don’t go anywhere or end suddenly?
  • In RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE – Tired of fighting with your partner or dealing with issues that never get resolved?
  • In BREAKUP – Tired of missing your ex-partner and want to move on and feel OK again?
  • Are you tired of not getting what you want in your dating or relationship life?

What is it going to take to get what you want?

More time is not going to help you. Time passing changes nothing. Five years from now you could be dealing with exactly the same issues.

More information is not going to help you. Information is good, but not when it comes to solving dating or relationship issues, because those are run by your subconscious mind, and it does not care what or how much you know.

Improving yourself on the outside will help you only slightly. If you don’t have what you want in your dating or relationship life, it has nothing to do with your outsides. It’s your insides that need to be improved – your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, outlook, actions, reactions, behavior, etc.

Therapy will help you understand yourself, but won’t necessarily help you change. It feels good to be seen and listened to in therapy. But I work with many clients who have spent years in therapy and then come to me to finally make the changes they want to make.

The things that need to change for your dating or relationship experience to change are deep, things you can’t see or change by yourself. (This is why even relationship coaches have relationship coaches. Even experts at relationships can’t see some things about themselves!)

So what is it really going to take to get what you want?

It’s going to take an understanding of what you want and what is in the way of getting it. Or to say it another way, what’s in the gap between what you have and what you want. Just imagine that you see what you have on one side of a canyon and what you want on the other. What’s in the gap, in the way of you getting from one side to the other? What needs to be done about that?

It’s going to take concrete, doable steps that will lead you through that gap and out the other side. Some of these steps might involve learning something new. Some might involve insight and understanding that you did not have before. Some might involve looking at yourself, your behavior and motivation. Some might involve doing something radically different. The possibility of what your steps might look like is endless and is based on your needs.

Who do you know who can lead you through this kind of process effectively?

See, you are very lucky, because now you know me! I specialize in leading clients from where they are to exactly where they want to be, with concrete, transformational, authentic, practical steps.

I have coached a myriad of clients, spanning the gamut of relationship experiences from people just out of breakup, singles wanting to finally find their mate, men and women stuck in frustrating dating situations, men and women in relationships and marriages who did not know what to do about their relationship, couples on the verge of a breakup, and those committed to each other but miserable.

And I have helped clients in every one of those situations get what they ultimately want, which is more love and a better relationship experience.

So what is it going to take to get what you want? Try the 1:1 coaching program!

What is coaching? And what is the 1:1 coaching program?

  • Coaching is a process of meeting one-on-one with me, as your coach, to work on your dating and relationship stumbling blocks.
  • We meet in a series of six 55-minute sessions, over a period of three months, on the phone or in my office.
  • We work on a goal you set for yourself to achieve with the help of being coached. At the end of the sixth session you can choose to work on another goal for six sessions, or to stop coaching and to come back when you are ready again.
  • What you will experience in your coaching sessions is a combination of information, perspective shifts, behavior changes on your part, and techniques to help you make the changes easier.
  • To facilitate the changes you seek and the accomplishment of your goal, you will get homework to do  between coaching sessions.
  • In coaching, you change not only what you do, but who you are, how you see yourself and the world around you. I use many techniques with clients to create rapid change.
  • As you change, your dating and relationship experiences change.

You may ultimately choose to be coached from between six months to one year.

Working with me as your coach in the 1:1 coaching program will enable you to make the changes necessary to get from where you are to where you want to be!

(And if the idea of investing this much time in yourself makes you want to click away, realize that if you don’t do some deep work to change where you are, in six months to one year you will probably be exactly where you are now, but more frustrated and/or unhappy!)

Invest in yourself and let me invest in you, by giving you my 14 years of experience helping people change their relationship paths and their lives.

Not ready yet? Try working with me as your coach in one 30-minute introductory
Get Clarity Coaching Session

Want more evidence that I can help you? Read client feedback.

Here are more details of how 1:1 coaching program works:

1. I coach clients over the telephone, in one-hour coaching sessions. I work with clients all over the world, including Europe, Asia, etc. If you are located in Portland, Oregon, USA area, let me know and we can do some of your coaching sessions in person.

2. We schedule your sessions at bi-weekly intervals, at a time that is convenient for you.

3. The introductory session and the first full coaching session are spent getting to know you, formulating a plan and solving any immediate burning issues. After that, we work on both what’s happening in your life and on moving you towards what you ultimately want.

4. You come to the sessions with an agenda of what you want to work on and I add to that agenda by taking you towards your coaching goal. You will walk away from each session satisfied, full of insights and changed!

5. You stay in contact with me between sessions by email, so that you can feel supported as you work towards what you want. By email you can tell me about your successes, breakthroughs and wins; and I can cheer you on. You can also tell me about what’s not working, and I can coach you or make suggestions.

6. Sometimes clients need to add an extra session at their request and discretion. Clients will at times add extra sessions in times of stress and difficulties. I bill an additional fee for these extra sessions, so they are never a requirement. I just want you to know I am available to support you more if you need it.

7. Stop working with me as your coach when you are ready. All you have to do is give me two weeks’ notice and you are free to go. However, be careful about this. I go very deep with clients, deep enough to truly help them make the changes they need to make to get what they really want. And when you go this deep into yourself, you often encounter resistance to change. This is where some people leave coaching. Be aware that you don’t get what you want until you have what you want as your current experience. And you gotta stick around to make that happen!

8. Financial details: You are billed a month at a time, on the first of the month, for that month. The cost of the six session coaching package is $240 a month, billed each month for three months.  I do not take insurance nor do I give discounts. These rates are already discounted from my normal $150 an hour rate due to the slow economic recovery and my desire to make coaching more accessible. I will cover the cost of our telephone calls by calling you at your scheduled time.

Ready to start working on getting what you really want in your dating or relationship life?

Let’s start by having a 30-minute introductory telephone coaching session – the Get Clarity Session – to help you understand your situation or problem and make a plan for what should be done about the situation. At the end of the session, if you are interested, we will create a coaching plan for you and move forward into a coaching program.

To learn more about the Get Clarity Session and register for it, go here.


P. S. Good job considering working on getting what you really want out of dating and relationships! I want you to have the relationship you want, full of love, joy and satisfaction. I want you to experience permanently all the good feelings you know can come from a great relationship. I encourage you to choose to work with me as your coach, so that I can help you get all that and more!