How to Create Healthy Change in Your Relationship

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on February 16, 2015

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The couple that changedDon’t settle for a difficult or unsatisfying relationship.

Read the 6 articles below to learn how to create change in yourself, ask for change in your partner, and get a better, happier, more satisfying relationship as a result.

1. The real reason most relationships eventually fail, and the secret that makes them thrive.
The mindset secrets that guarantee a happy, thriving, lasting relationship.

2. Yes, you can change your partner. Here’s how.
The 4 healthy steps to getting your partner to change.

3. How to create the changes that will save your relationship or marriage.
5 important shifts that can bring a relationship back from the brink of breaking up.

4. How and why criticism can actually bring you closer to your partner.
What is actually happening when your partner criticizes you, and how to respond so it brings you closer together.

5. When it’s critical to create change in your relationship, and the smart way to do it.
How to shift your relationship into a self-generating happiness machine.

6. Why asking your partner to change is a good thing.
The real purpose of relationships, and how to orient to them for success.

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