Experience Coaching: Get Clarity Couples Coaching Session

Are the two of you…

  • Worried about your relationship or marriage
  • Tired of fighting with each other
  • Tired of feeling unheard or misunderstood
  • Tired of reactions and overreactions
  • Tired of silence or walking on eggshells
  • Feeling like your relationship has lost its spark
  • Missing the passion and fun in your relationship

Get a jump-start on creating THE relationship you want in the Get Clarity Couples Coaching Session.

In the 40-minute introductory Get Clarity Couples Coaching Session you will:

  • Work on the issue that is your biggest stuck point, or is bothering the two of you the most.
  • Experience a POSITIVE shift in your relationship!
  • Experience a combination of information, perspective and suggestions to help you make the changes the two of you want.
  • Your relationship experiences will change FOR THE BETTER!

Click the button to register for your introductory Get Clarity Couples Coaching Session to get started:
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Cost: $67
Format:40-minute meeting with the two of you, over the phone or at my office (both are equally effective!)
Date/Time: Scheduled at our mutual convenience

Ideal for: Man and woman in a relationship or marriage who:

  • Want to work out their relationship
  • Want to feel the feelings for each other that got them together
  • Want help, even if they don’t know exactly how or if they can be helped
  • May want help but are not sure that therapy or coaching will make a difference
  • Know the relationship needs work but think the problem is the partner and/or other difficult relationship situation.

NOTE: If you are in a relationship, yet your partner is not interested in doing couple’s work, you can still help your relationship on your own. Start with an individual Get Clarity Session and let’s see how we can help your relationship.

After the Get Clarity Coaching Session:
Your session can be a one-time experience of coaching or the beginning of an accelerated, positive relationship growth phase for the two of you, where you work with me as your coach in a coaching program. Please ask me about the coaching program at the end of your Get Clarity Couples Coaching Session or learn more about the couples coaching program here.

To experience being coached and see how I can help your relationship or marriage, click on the Get Started NOW button above.

I look forward to meeting both of you on the phone or in person and helping you get more love and joy in your relationship!