The 5 foundational ingredients that guarantee a healthy, happy, life-long relationship.

5 powerful ideas for dealing with the loneliness of a breakup or divorce.

Why do relationships and marriages end and what can you do to create a lasting relationship? The real secret is what you do before you ever meet!

The 3-step process that makes it possible to stop automatic, repetitive thoughts about your ex and finally move on.

If you are single, you probably don’t realize that there are things you are doing that stop the right person from coming into your life. Reading this article will increase your chances of meeting the right partner and creating the right relationship for you.

The top 5 things you may be doing with your ex that keep you stuck and unable to let go of the relationship. + Ideas on how to let go.

I am frequently contacted by prospective clients who need help letting go of their ex. These inquiries come from both men and women, as the pain of a breakup or divorce hits both equally. The request is always the same – please let me know if you can help me let go and find a […]

I remember at one time in my life having a very hard time in relationships. When my romantic partners treated me the way I thought I should be treated I felt good. But when a romantic partner’s words or actions didn’t fit my ideas of what should happen in a good relationship, I was in […]

Read this article to become a smart therapy or coaching consumer. You will learn when to seek help, how to find the right person to help you, and how to use that help for best possible results.

9 out of 10 couples who come to me save and improve their relationship or marriage. 10 out of 10 singles who come to me to deal with a breakup or divorce, heal and often meet their right partner in the process. I can help because I use effective, proven coaching techniques when working with […]