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It’s shocking sometimes the pain we humans can inflict onto each other while proclaiming that we love the person we are hurting. In today’s key I am going to help you understand how your past relationship partner(s), your current partner, or even you, can claim to love a person and yet cause them pain. Let’s […]

How to end a relationship gently and consciously, so that you and your soon to be ex-partner are both left better off in the process.

The secret key to a man’s heart is to delight in him. Let me explain what I mean. First let’s look at the definition of delight from Merriam Webster dictionary: 1. Something that makes you very happy: 2. Something that gives you great pleasure or satisfaction. What I mean by delight, then, is to be […]

I remember at one time in my life having a very hard time in relationships. When my romantic partners treated me the way I thought I should be treated I felt good. But when a romantic partner’s words or actions didn’t fit my ideas of what should happen in a good relationship, I was in […]

Read this article to become a smart therapy or coaching consumer. You will learn when to seek help, how to find the right person to help you, and how to use that help for best possible results.

Afraid your relationship may not make it, and not sure what to do about it? This collection of articles will help you understand how to make smart, non-reactive choices so that you can reclaim the love and happiness with your partner.

How to Maintain a Happy, Healthy Relationship

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on March 9, 2015

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Do you struggle in your relationship? These articles will help you identify the right things to work on, so that you can create more happiness in your relationship.

Are you tired of being single but don’t know what to do to attract your right partner? With 20 years of successfully helping men and women who don’t want to be alone, finally experiencing the loving, lasting relationship they long for, I can tell you a thing or two about how to attract your right mate. […]

Little known fact: relationship can only satisfy a part of your need for connection. Learn what can satisfy your need for connection fully.

Do you know what a man needs most of all in a relationship? And what happens if he gets it from his girlfriend, wife, or partner? It’s the simplest thing in the world, but most women struggle to give it! Learn what it is here.