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How to end a relationship gently and consciously, so that you and your soon to be ex-partner are both left better off in the process.

Little known fact: relationship can only satisfy a part of your need for connection. Learn what can satisfy your need for connection fully.

Do you know what a man needs most of all in a relationship? And what happens if he gets it from his girlfriend, wife, or partner? It’s the simplest thing in the world, but most women struggle to give it! Learn what it is here.

Are you getting nowhere fast with the women in your life? In this lesson you will learn about the two keys shifts you need to make that will change your relationships with women.

Tips for better relationships with men and women

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on June 22, 2012

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Tips for better relationships with men and women: real insight into the opposite sex and what makes them tick!

Change yourself right now! Watch this video.

What holds most men back from love? I tell you in this tip.

Do you have “already always knowing” about dating, men, women, relationships, your partner? If you do, what should you do about it? Shift available.

MEN, how should you act in a relationship? I give you some ideas and ask a provocative question about in this coaching tip.

MEN, why do negative interactions with women affect you so strongly? I give you the answer here.