What’s wrong with your relationship or with your lack of relationship? How miserable are you about what’s wrong? What if what’s wrong brought you happiness instead of misery? Try this: next time you see something is wrong, say “Hmm, I don’t like that. What I would like instead is ….” Take a good long time […]

What we perceive is what we become. Are you sure you see what really is? Question your perceptions. Ask yourself “what else might be going on here to cause this situation?”

Are you afraid? Ask yourself: Is it happening, or is it something I am afraid might happen because it has happened to me before? This is how you will know whether your fear is founded or unfounded, and whether you should be afraid, back up and protect yourself, of open your heart despite fear and […]

Divorce and Breakup Recovery

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on December 11, 2007

in Break-ups and Divorce, Marriage, Relationships

Divorce can be a devastating ordeal, and recovering from divorce can be a difficult, treacherous road. Sometimes people don’t recover at all. Others, although appearing to be past their divorce, still carry the pain of the breakup and the fear of getting close to a partner again. A breakup of a non marital relationship can […]

I bet you are in dire need of a holiday gift giving guide that won’t drive you insane with mall and hi-tech store shopping and will help and improve the life of your gift recipient. For the first time ever, I present to you the Love Coach’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide. In this gift guide […]

People often compromise or lose their sense of self in a relationship. They may do this to be liked, to be loved, or to please their partner. Some people may compromise what’s most important to them and to their well-being because they believe they have to. Some people may lose themselves in the relationship because […]

If you read Robert Bly and Robert Moore, you will learn that men need to go on a hero’s quest to claim their full masculinity. These two insightful authors and countless others perceive the problems of men in our society as a lack of opportunity to grow up. There are no longer quests to fulfill. […]

Below you will find the best of the best books on love and relationships, for both men and women. These are some of my favorite books, the ones I suggest to clients when they are working on their relationship or single life. These are also the books I turn to when navigating my own relationship […]

Painful Relationship? Here’s Pain Relief

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on April 9, 2007

in Break-ups and Divorce, Dating, Marriage, Relationships

Dear Reader, your almost-to-be ex-partner has treated you badly. You have been neglected, unappreciated, rejected, not communicated with. You may have been cheated on. You have been unsupported. You have been abandoned. You have been reacted to badly over and over again. You have been forced into agreeing to and doing things you have resented. […]

The following article was not written by me, but by my prosperity and abundance coach Jeanna Gabellini of When I feel like I can’t have what I want, and I am working too hard and getting nowhere, Jeanna is who I call. She has amazing energy and is an inspiring and powerful lady. She […]