Marriage Tips

Do you know what a man needs most of all in a relationship? And what happens if he gets it from his girlfriend, wife, or partner? It’s the simplest thing in the world, but most women struggle to give it! Learn what it is here.

The most important thing you can do in a relationship is connect with your partner. Here are 5 easy ways to create connection easily.

What should you do to really know a man, how he will treat you and what kind of a relationship you can expect to have with him?

WOMEN’s GET RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT COACHING TIP: What if you did not react to the world around you. What if instead you remained peaceful inside, no matter what is happening to you or to the people around you? What if your internal core of peace did not get disturbed by others’ bad moods, bad behaviors, questionable […]

Do you have “already always knowing” about dating, men, women, relationships, your partner? If you do, what should you do about it? Shift available.

Love and relationship offer far more good than bad. If you guard against the bad, you miss out on the juiciness of love. So what should you do?

MEN, how should you act in a relationship? I give you some ideas and ask a provocative question about in this coaching tip.

Women, there’s a reason why you don’t have the love you want. And it’s not what you think. More info is here…

MEN, why do negative interactions with women affect you so strongly? I give you the answer here.

WOMEN’s GET RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT COACHING TIP: Should you ask a man to change? I give you the straight up answer here.