Break-ups and Divorce

Smart men and women understand that people form relationships to get their needs met. They know how to apply this knowledge to their own relationships and because of that, have much better than average relationships. After reading this article you will know what they know and be able to do relationships the smart way, too.

Collection of 5 articles to help stop the hurt from a breakup or divorce, successfully let go of the past partner, and move on.

The 5 things you need to know to save your relationship or marriage, typically reserved for coaching clients only.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on HER Radio, a show on Radio MD. The hosts and I talked about long-distance relationships, whether distance makes the heart grow fonder and the implications of this for in-person long-term partnerships. In the interview we covered what works and what doesn’t in long-distance relationships, how to transition […]

Does Valentine’s Day evoke negative feelings for you? Many men feel that Valentine’s Day is “her” day, fraught with hazards, as they are expected to come up with the perfect romantic evening to satisfy the woman they are with. Both men and women in long-term relationships or marriages often resent the massive commercialization around Valentine’s […]

In today’s article I will help you move towards a great strategy for your New Year’s relationship resolutions. The article contains a process that will take you a long way toward creating the relationship you want this year.

Enjoying the holidays may be difficult when the relationship situation in your life is not exactly what you want. Follow the 3 guidelines below to make sure you have a happy holiday season, regardless of your relationship situation.

When resentment settles into a relationship, it’s as if the grave is being dug for the feelings of love and connection. Read this article to find out how to let go of the relationship.

5 Relationships Rules to Live by for Happy, Healthy Relationships – actions that will make a big difference in having a happy relationship!

What is the core issue that comes up for you in relationships? Read this article to learn about what a core issue is and what to do about yours.