6-step plan to finding the best partner of your life after a breakup or divorce.

It’s shocking sometimes the pain we humans can inflict onto each other while proclaiming that we love the person we are hurting. In today’s key I am going to help you understand how your past relationship partner(s), your current partner, or even you, can claim to love a person and yet cause them pain. Let’s […]

Why do relationships and marriages end and what can you do to create a lasting relationship? The real secret is what you do before you ever meet!

The 3-step process that makes it possible to stop automatic, repetitive thoughts about your ex and finally move on.

The top 5 things you may be doing with your ex that keep you stuck and unable to let go of the relationship. + Ideas on how to let go.

I am frequently contacted by prospective clients who need help letting go of their ex. These inquiries come from both men and women, as the pain of a breakup or divorce hits both equally. The request is always the same – please let me know if you can help me let go and find a […]

Every relationship or marriage, no matter how in love the two people are, is going to run into trouble. Most often these challenges arise because of a lack of know-how about what relationships require to keep working successfully. Issues that are simple to resolve with the right skill set can be life-threatening to a relationship […]

Read this article to become a smart therapy or coaching consumer. You will learn when to seek help, how to find the right person to help you, and how to use that help for best possible results.

Does it feel like your relationship is falling apart no matter what you do? Does your heart break at the thought of losing it, but you don’t know what to do to keep it? My work is built on the principle that love is precious. When two people find love and connection with each other […]

How to Maintain a Happy, Healthy Relationship

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on March 9, 2015

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Do you struggle in your relationship? These articles will help you identify the right things to work on, so that you can create more happiness in your relationship.