What To Do If You Are Not Meeting the Partner of Your Dreams

SINGLES: What can you do if you are not meeting the partner of your dreams? Let me give you a quick tip.

Men’s Two Biggest Issues

I am going to tell you what I think men’s two biggest issues in relationships are. Talk back to me.

Video: Reducing Relationship Stress During the Holidays

Relationships are more stressful during the holidays. Watch this video to get ideas of what to focus on to help yourself and your relationship.

Your Job in Your Relationship is to Meet Your Partners Needs

MEN and WOMEN in RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE: Your job in your relationship is to meet your partners needs and wants. Here is why that is so important.

WOMEN: Do You Care More About Yourself or Others?

WOMEN: What would happen if you cared more about feeling good about yourself and less about the approval of others? Some ideas on how to and a discussion.

BREAKUP or DIVORCE RECOVERY: Three Strategies to Help

BREAKUP or DIVORCE RECOVERY: The relationship is over. You still have feelings. Here’s three strategies to help you.

MEN can be excellent at relationships!

MEN can be excellent at relationships! See why I say that and what you can do about it.

11 Videos For Your Entertainment and Dating or Relationship Improvement

Link to 11 dating and relationship help related videos I recorded for you.

MEN: 4 Tips for Happy Thanksgiving

MEN: 4 tips for a satisfying and happy Thanksgiving.

4 Thanksgiving Tips to Bring You Two Closer Together.

MEN and WOMEN in RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE: 4 Thanksgiving tips to bring you closer together.