Relationships as a Path to Personal Growth

In this article I will explain why it’s difficult to resolve dating and relationship stumbling blocks, even when you are a self-aware person. I will then show you how I help clients work through their dating and relationship stumbling blocks, by using relationships as a path to personal growth. Are you on a path of […]

How to get dating and relationships right

Helping men and women get dating, relationships and marriage right is my life’s work. In this article I am going to show you what you need to do to get what you want out of relationships.

Relationship Mastery for Women: Your 4 Hidden Relationship Superpowers

Do you know that women matter to men? They do, and much more than men would like to admit, and much, much more than women realize! To understand why this is and what this means to you, read this course lesson.

Relationship Mastery for Men: 2 Keys to Great Relationships with Women

Are you getting nowhere fast with the women in your life? In this lesson you will learn about the two keys shifts you need to make that will change your relationships with women.

Feeling dissatisfied or unhappy? It could be that your critical bonding needs are not being met!

Do you know what your critical bonding needs are and do you know if they are being met? Let’s find out.

Four Hidden Secrets to a Happy Relationship

What if your relationship can be happy, even when your partner does not behave in ways that please you? Then you could achieve a general sense of happiness that does not rise and fall with your pleasure and displeasure about his or her behavior. Doesn’t that sound better than going up or down emotionally, depending on what your partner is doing or not doing? Here’s how to do this in your relationship.

How to get back together and save your relationship or marriage

Many couples go through struggles, fights, problems, almost reaching the brink of breakup or divorce. Yet they love each other and are not ready to give up on their relationship. Here are steps a couple must engage in to get back together and save their relationship or marriage.

How to stop hurt in a relationship or marriage

Want to stop hurting each other in your relationship or marriage? Here’s exactly what you need to stop doing and what you need to do instead…

How to Let Go of a Relationship When You Don’t Want To

Are you holding on to an ex partner and have trouble letting go? Read this article for help.

Tips for better relationships with men and women

Tips for better relationships with men and women: real insight into the opposite sex and what makes them tick!