cooking up healthy relationshipYour relationship should be a source of joy for your life, a safe zone that helps you handle uncertainties and stresses of life.

Yet, even though people are trying harder to make relationships work, for many men and women, relationships are still a source of pain and confusion.

Let’s remedy this by going back to the basics and understanding the foundation of what makes for a healthy, happy relationship.

Below is a list of 5 foundational ingredients necessary for a good relationship.

Think of this list as a base recipe. Once you have the base, you can flavor in any way you would like, creating a relationship that best reflects the two of you. Just be sure to remember that the base ingredients are critical if you want to create a healthy, happy relationship foundation.

5 Foundational Ingredients Necessary for a Healthy Relationship:


Dont_end_up_aloneWhether you are contemplating a breakup or divorce, are in the midst of it, or are recovering from the loss of your relationship, you are likely faced with the fear of ending up alone.

The fear of never meeting a partner who’s as good as your last partner, or possibly never having a relationship partner again, is a very typical, normal part of the end-of-relationship process. But just because it’s normal does not mean it’s not terrifying and depressing to experience!

The good news is that you don’t have to end up alone. Once you have recovered from the ending of your relationship, follow the plan I outline for you below to connect with a partner for the best relationship of your life.

The plan to ensure you meet a great partner: CONTINUE READING >>

hurtIt’s shocking sometimes the pain we humans can inflict onto each other while proclaiming that we love the person we are hurting.

In today’s key I am going to help you understand how your past relationship partner(s), your current partner, or even you, can claim to love a person and yet cause them pain.

Let’s start by understanding the difference between being in love and experiencing empathy.


lonelinessEnding a relationship is difficult and painful enough. When the loneliness that inevitably follows your breakup hits, it can be downright unbearable.

In this article, I will give you 5 powerful ideas to help cope with loneliness, even turning it into a positive force in your recovery process.

For most people loneliness is worse in the evening, night, and early morning, the times you are used to interacting or spending time with your ex-partner. Most men and women deal with the loneliness at these painful times by trying to avoid their feelings.

They may drink too much, so that they don’t feel. They may have one or two extra snacks to give themselves comfort. For lack of company, they may watch too much TV or too many movies, or spend too much time on Facebook or social media.

While these activities may deaden the loneliness, they don’t resolve it. What’s worse, doing these avoidance activities will make you feel bad about yourself. You may end up feeling shame or even self-hate as you suffer the side effects of these activities.  You may want to isolate and hide out from others.

None of this sounds like a good way to deal with loneliness, does it?

The 5 powerful ideas below can help you cope with loneliness in a healthy and productive way. CONTINUE READING >>

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