How to Become Lucky in Love

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on March 17, 2009

in Dating, Law of Attraction, Singles

Think some people have all the luck in love and you’re not one of them? Head on over to my personal blog –– to read an article about a study and a book published by a leading PhD. in Phsychology about how to become lucky in love and life.


aman June 13, 2011 at 4:07 am

i want to know about my luck

bottom dweller December 29, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Oh! i found i am puzzling in such a situation as i found i have some special feeling on my musical teacher. Frankly, I am not a youngster and still a single that never been married. I had several times failure in my love life , all of them were over and spent me years to heal from my brokenheart. But i am a sort of person that got feeling easy on a guy when i think he has just done a little nice to me. i have been not having special feeling on guy for a long time since i have joined the class to learn to play a musical instruement. i don’t think my teacher is handsome or attractive but in time, i am getting stronger feeling on him when we get much time to talk more and when i watch him playing the music, i think he is the most attractive at that moment. recently, i got this feeling even stronger after all the classmates and the senior learners had a great gathering. on that gathering, i could even see much more the geniune of him, the way he hold the camera for shooting pictures( this is another one interest of him) that makes me more attracted on him. Oh God! am i too sensitive? i don’t think he is interested in me , not even he would be interested in me although he is still single as well. he has so many students around him and many of them are young smart single girls. I just feel so low in front of him. and i will never dare to express myself to him. i tried to pray for God for helping guiding me a direction. and i know i don’t have a chance to him. But, for now, i always think of him . that really a little influent in my dailylife. what am i going to do? isn’t it so stupid for stop going for the class to block that feeling? but i love playing that musical instrument for music. Please , i need advice!

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