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  • Do you have an important question about your single, dating, relationship/marriage or break-up/divorce situation?
  • Do you want a through, insightful and helpful answer?

I am a professional relationship coach with 15 years of singles and relationship coaching experience, and a Certified Relationship Specialist, CRS, by the APA.

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  • If you want your question answered by an experienced and certified relationship professional, sign up below to ask me your question.
  • Or schedule yourself in for a Get Clarity Coaching Session, a 30-minute in person or over the phone coaching session experience where I work with you on the issue that is your biggest stuck point, or is bothering you the most.



Here’s what happens when you sign up to ask me your question, below:

1. I answer your question privately and confidentially
2. Only you and I see your question
3. My answer is specific to you and your situation
4. I record my answer in an MP3 audio and email you the audio or a link to get the audio
5. I include in my email reply to you suggestions of helpful resources
6. I will answer your question within 48 hours. With rush service – 4 hours!

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How it works:

  • You submit your question through an online form after you purchase this service.
  • You ask your question and email me additional details as needed.
  • I will answer you via an MP3 recording, from 5-8 minutes long, with a link to recording or the recording emailed to you along with suggestion for resource(s) to help your situation.
  • Fees: $24.00 to have your question answered within 48 hours.
    $10 optional rush add-on to get my answer within 4 hours.

Ideal for:
Single man or woman who’s tired of being single or had a bad dating experience
Man or woman that does not know what to do about a particular dating situation
Man or woman in a new or long-term relationship or marriage that is stuck
Man or woman wondering if their relationship or marriage can be helped or saved
Man or woman having trouble moving on and letting go of a past relationship partner
Man or woman wanting his or her partner back and not knowing what to do
Man or woman wondering if they should try to save the relationship or let it go
And so on…


What you will receive:

  • An email with a link to the MP3 recording or the recording itself of my answer to your question, created and recorded for you and your individual situation.
  • My answer will not contain advice you would typically read in a magazine or on the web.
  • Instead you will receive advice based on 16 years of coaching experience, relationship education and deep understanding or human behavior and relationship dynamics.
  • You will also receive resource suggestion to help you improve your situation, if I believe resources will be of help to you.

Note: If you are younger than 18 years old, make sure you have your parents’ permission to use this service!


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Don’t want to use this service, but want help with your situation? Consider the 30-minute telephone or in-person Get Clarity Coaching Session, where I work with you in-person, over skype, or over the phone, on the issue that is your biggest stuck point, or is bothering you the most.