5 Relationships Rules to Live by for Happy, Healthy Relationships

by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on September 1, 2013

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~ Don’t stop opening to love and to life. Learn to make better choices as to how, how much, when and with whom to open. But don’t shut down in order to keep yourself safe from pain. If you allow yourself to shut down not only will you avoid pain, but you will also avoid connection and love.

~ Forgive hurts and let them go. This does not mean that you allow the people in your life to hurt you repeatedly. But you can forgive past hurts to set yourself free to be present in the now. Because when you do not forgive, you keep yourself a prisoner of the past and of the emotions that go with unforgiveness. Forgive and reinvest in your life, in people and in your current relationships.

~ Learn to have realistic expectations about people. Don’t expect people to be more than they are, to do more than they do, to love more than they can love, to be healthier than they are, just because they love you. Instead accept people for exactly who they are and enjoy them exactly as they are. Learn to see what people can give you and appreciate it rather than expecting what you want and being disappointed.

~ Focus on the love you have in your life, instead on the lack of love. The more you focus on people who do love you and who are there for you, the better relationships you will have overall, with everyone. Don’t pretend there’s more love in certain relationships than there actually is and don’t ignore that you want more. Do focus on where there is already an abundance of love for you and spend more time with those people.

~ Relationships should make your life better. This is why we have relationships – so that we can have a more joyful, more connected, more fulfilling experience of life. If your relationship makes your life worse – makes you feel worse – instead of better, do something about it!


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